From design to production, up to testing.

Concept and technical consultancy

The tool design is carried out by our technical department, which puts itself at the customer's disposal to support him in the conception of the final product starting from a preliminary drawing or a sample.

The designers’ task is to analyse all the variables in order to optimize the tool’s productivity to obtain a functional and quality final product.

The technical dpt. is equipped with advanced CAD / CAM systems in order to allow the workshop to carry out the work with the utmost accuracy and precision.

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Realization of the tool also on customer's project

The logical consequence of a design that is attentive to the customer's needs is the technological innovation also in the production process which, through the use of high-precision and technologically advanced CNC systems, is able to provide high quality and efficient mechanical processing both in production and economic terms.

In the construction of the tools are used first choice materials such as Stainless Steel 2316, Stavax, Royalloy, Corrax and Moldmax.

Every detail is designed and built in-house with the utmost attention to detail.

The tools made by Simo:

  • allow rapid equipment (machine set-up)
  • guarantee high production standards
  • are reliable
  • have highly competitive prices.

The company is also available for the tool production even on a project provided by the customer, performing only the mechanical realization.


As an optimal testing is the starting point for obtaining a product with high quality and productivity standards, Simo has dedicated to it an entire department that counts 5 extrusion lines with capacities from 1 to 350 kg / hour plus 4 co-extruders, in addition to a complete plant with gear pump for testing special materials such as PA 66 charged with glass-fiber. In this way Simo can test the tools in conditions very similar to those of production.

All the commissioned equipment is tested internally. If necessary, the customer can ship to our company his own extrusion line to reduce production times to a minimum.

If requested, Simo also supplies tests by the customer thanks to the professionalism of its specialized technicians who provide the know-how that the company has gained in fifty years of activity.

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